no humanity. is a urban street style collection, inspired by the street art artist Banksy and the spirit of the street art scene. 
In this project, I had to think about the actually political situation in our society. are we save? do we feel save? I think ... sometimes. 
In a interview Banksy said about people around the world "I see humans, but nu humanity!". So I picked this quote and used it for the headline and background of my collection, because I think this statement discribes the behavior of people in the time of terror and wars. 
This project includes a Jacket, Jeans and a normal T-Shirt.
I worked on my own print for the T-Shirt, too. I designed a lot of different types of graphics. At least I choose this is one. It looks a little bit like a stencil graffiti. 
Design & Fotos: Laura Lewandowski
Model: Yannik Rodewald
Manufacturing Print: Jan Krause
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